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The tumour-stroma ratio (TSR) is a diagnostic tool for overall and disease free survival in different epithelial cancer types. The TSR is easy to determine on H&E stained tissue sections in 1-2 minutes.

The TSR is based on the amount of stroma present within the primary tumour. This parameter distinguishes tumours with a high stroma percentage and low stroma percentage in two categories. To learn more about scoring the TSR, watch the instruction video.


A milestone has been reached: a total of 200 patients are now included in the UNITED study! Many thanks to all, good luck including more patients and take care!

Hospital Clinic Barcelona in Spain and Pathan Laboratories in the Netherlands are ready to start including patients for the study. Also, our collaboration with the PLCRC has started, a Dutch prospective registration of all colorectal cancer patients.


The E-learning is available, to learn how to score TSR.

The UNITED study

Uniform Noting for International application of the Tumour-stroma ratio as Easy Diagnostic tool.